DVD Chips UK is the original developer of Multiregion Upgrade Remotes to enable Multiregion DVD playback on Sony, Panasonic and Pioneer DVD and Blu-ray Players.

Our Multiregion Upgrade Remotes enable playback of DVDs from all regions on your Sony, Panasonic or Pioneer DVD / Blu-Ray player simply by aiming the remote at the player and pressing the button.

It's important to understand that the Multiregion Upgrade Remote will make your Blu-Ray player Multi-region for DVDs ONLY, your player will still be locked for Blu-Ray regions.

Blu-ray Multi-region requires the player to be internally modified to enable manual selection of regions A, B or C.


We offer a selection of these internally modified players for sale in our online shop.

If the Modified Blu-ray player you are looking for is not listed please email us for a quote sales@dvdchips.co.uk

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Please visit our UK competitors before deciding where to buy, all of our products are brand new and we will not be beaten on price. TPS UK , Multiregionmagic