• Panasonic Region Free DVD Hack Remote

Enable DVD Multi Region playback on your Panasonic Blu-ray player simply by aiming the remote at the player (with the player switched on with no disc inside) and pressing the button.

  • Compatible with the Panasonic Blu-Ray Players listed below purchased in the UK, Europe or Australia.
  • Only for DVD Playback - Blu-ray regions will still be locked to your region.
  • Free UK Shipping.   We do not ship outside of the UK.

The list is in Numeric (number) order.  DMP-BBT01, DMR-UBT1, DMP-BD10, DMP-B15, DMP-BD30, DMP-BD35, DMP-BD45, DMP-BD50, DMP-BD55, DMP-BD60, DMP-BD65, DMR-UBC70, SA-BTX70, SC-BTX70, DMR-BCT73, DMP-BD75, SA-BTX75, SC-BTX75, DMP-BD77, SA-BTX77, SC-BTX77, DMP-BD79, DMP-BD80, DMP-BD81, DMR-BCT83, DMP-BD83, DMP-BD84, DMP-BD85, DMR-UBC86, DMP-BD91, DMP-B100, DMP-BDT100, SA-BT100, SC-BT100, SA-BTT100, SC-BTT100, SA-BTT105, SC-BTT105, DMP-BDT110, DMP-BDT111, DMP-BDT120, DMP-BDT130, DMP-BDT131, DP-UB150, DP-UB154, DP-UB159, DMP-BDT160, DMP-BDT161, DMP-BDT165, DMP-BDT166, DMP-BDT167, DMP-BDT168, DMP-BDT170, DMP-BDT171, DMP-BDT174, DMP-BDT175, DMP-BDT180, DMP-BDT181, SA-BTT182, SC-BTT182, DMP-BDT184, DMP-BDT185, SA-BTT190, SC-BTT190, SA-BT200, SC-BT200, SA-BTT200, SC-BTT200, SA-BT205, SC-BT205, DMP-BDT210, DMP-BDT220, DMP-BDT221, SA-BT222, SC-BT222, DMP-BDT230, SA-BT230, SC-BT230, SA-BTT230, SC-BTT230, DMP-BDT233, DMP-BDT234, DMP-BDT235, DMP-BDT260, SA-BTT262, SC-BTT262, DMP-BDT270, SA-BTT270, SC-BTT270, DMP-BDT271, DMP-BDT280, SA-BTT282, SC-BTT282, SA-BTT290, SC-BTT290, DMP-BDT300, DMP-UB300, SA-BTT300, SC-BTT300, DMP-BDT310, DMP-UB314, DMP-BDT320, DP-UB320, DMP-BDT321, DMP-BDT330, SA-BT330, SC-BT330, DMP-BDT335, SA-BTT350, SC-BTT350, DMP-BDT360, DMP-BDT361, SA-BTT362, SC-BTT362, DMP-BDT363, DMP-BDT364, DMP-BDT365, DMP-BDT370, SA-BTT370, SC-BTT370, DMP-BDT371, DMP-BDT373, DMP-BDT374, DMP-BDT375, DMP-BDT380, DMP-BDT381, DMP-BDT384, DMP-BDT385, DMP-UB390, DMP-UB391, DP-UB391, DMP-UB400, SA-BTT400, SC-BTT400, DMP-UB404, SA-BTT405, SC-BTT405, DMR-PWT420, DP-UB420, DP-UB424, DMR-BWT450, DP-UB450, DMP-BDT460, DMR-BWT460, SA-BTT460, SC-BTT460, DMP-BDT465, SA-BTT465, SC-BTT465, SA-BTT480, SC-BTT480, SA-BTT490, SC-BTT490, DMP-B500, DMP-BDT500, DMR-PWT500, SA-BTT500, SC-BTT500, SA-BTT505, SC-BTT505, DMR-PWT520, DMR-PWT530, DMR-PWT535, DMR-PWT540, DMR-PWT550, DMR-PWT560, SA-BTT560, SC-BTT560, DMP-BDT570, SA-BTT590, SC-BTT590, DMR-PWT635, DMR-BWT640, DMR-PWT655, DMP-BDT700, DMR-BST700, DMR-BWT700, DMP-UB700, DP-UB700, DMR-BST701, DMP-UB704, DMR-BCT720, DMR-BST720, DMR-BWT720, DMR-PWT720, DMR-BCT721, DMR-BST721, DMR-BCT730, DMR-BST730, DMR-BWT730, DMR-BCT735, DMR-BST735, DMR-BWT735, SA-BT735, SC-BT735, SA-BT737, SC-BT737, DMR-BST740, DMR-BWT740, DMR-BWT745, DMR-BCT750, DMR-BST750, DMR-BS750, DMR-BWT750, DMR-BST755, SA-BTT755, SC-BTT755, DMR-BCT760, DMR-BWT760, DMR-BST765, SA-BTT770, SC-BTT770, SA-BTT775, SC-BTT775, DMR-BS780, DMR-BW780, DMR-BS785, SA-BTT790, SC-BTT790, DMR-BST800, DMR-BWT800, SA-BFT800, SC-BFT800, DMP-BD813, DMR-BCT820, DMR-BST820, DMR-BWT820, DMP-UB820, DP-UB820, DP-UB824, DMR-BCT835, DMR-BST835, DMR-BWT835, DMR-BWT840, DMR-BS850, DMR-BST850, DMR-BW850, DMR-BWT850, DMR-BST855,  DMR-BS880, DMR-BW880, SA-BTT880, SC-BTT880, DMR-BS885, SA-BTT885, SC-BTT885, DMP-UB900, DP-UB900, DMR-BCT940, DMR-BWT945, DMR-BCT950, DMR-BST950, DMR-BWT955, DP-UB9000, DP-UB9004.

Panasonic Region Free DVD Hack Remote

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