• Pioneer Region Free DVD Hack Remote

Enable DVD Multi Region playback on your Pioneer Blu-ray player simply by aiming the remote at the player (with the player switched on with no disc inside) and pressing the button.

  • Compatible with the Pioneer Blu-Ray Players listed below purchased in the UK, Europe or Australia.
  • Only for DVD Playback - Blu-ray regions will still be locked to your region.
  • Free UK Shipping.   We do not ship outside of the UK.

This list is in Numeric (number) order. LX01, LX03, BDP-LX08, BDP-51, BDP-LX52, BDP-LX55, BDP-LX58, BDP-LX71, BDP-LX88, BDP-LX91, BDP-100, BCS-FS121, BDP-140, BDP-150, BDP-160, BDP-170, BDP-180, XV-BD212, BCS-222, BDP-320, BCS-323, BCS-424, BDP-440, BDP-450, UDP-LX500, BCS-FS525, BCS-SB626, BCS-727, UDP-LX800, BCS-HF828, BCS-HW929, XV-BD1228

Pioneer Region Free DVD Hack Remote

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